Who love’s Taco’s? Obviously this guy!

Ohio, Home of the Buckeyes, Reds, Bengals and people who don’t mess around with fast food. A 23 year old man went to Taco Bell to eat, and like many overweight American’s probably ordered a slew of the culinary genius that is better known as the Locos Taco. Now we all know the Loco’s Taco has that delicious Doritos shell, but this man decided since the Taco Bell left out a Taco of his order, he would ram his truck through the door of the restaurant  You can read more about it after the jump  here I can’t remember the last time a Drive-Thru hasn’t screwed up an order that’s not rather simple – but apparently this man is a firm believer in the Code of Hammurabi – An eye for an eye? A truck through your door for a missing taco sounds fair to me – how about you?


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